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All you need to know about the Astral Body, appearance and projections

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We are beings that exist in a multitude of dimensions, the astral body tethers us to the multi-dimensional universe by allowing us the fourth dimensional experience. So what is the astral body? Some may use the term interchangeably with the term “soul”. However, the human soul is the point of consciousness which makes us “alive”. It has no real form as the third and fourth dimensional bodies do. Some may…Read more

Chinese astrology as a powerful tool for predicting the future

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Chinese astrology is quite possibly the oldest system on earth and is believed to be over 5000 years old. While Western astrology depends on the 12 months of the year, Chinese astrology is based upon a twelve-year lunar cycle. The year in which you were born (in the Chinese calendar) determines your sign. Each sign and those born under it, are embodied or characterized by one of these 12 animals,…Read more

What’s Jyotish shastra match making?

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Jyotish shastra match making basically refers to using the principles and studies of jyotish shastra for match making, i.e. to check the compatibility between the boy and the girl for marriage. Thus, it checks if the boy and the girl who are being considered for marriage, are right for each other physically, socially, emotionally, psychologically, financially etc. Thus through jyotish shastra match making, the jyotish compatibility between the couple-to-be can…Read more

The proper use of Feng Shui can definitely bring luck to your life

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The adequate use of feng shui can definitely increase the flow of positive energy in a room. By the correct use of feng shui for luck you can learn how to attract the luck of the universe towards you. There are many good luck charms associated with feng shui practices and are considered to be symbols of good fortune and a long life. The use of these feng shui lucky symbols…Read more


Know your child future through a baby astrology report

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“I’ll make my son an engineer!” “My daughter will definitely be a writer; she loves to scribble!” “Architect, final – Our son will unquestionably be an architect!” How many times have we heard parents talking like that!? Well, almost always. As soon as the baby takes his/her first step in the world, parents start dreaming about what he/she will be when he/she grows up! The desire to know about the…Read more

Get wisdom and guidance from tarot card readings

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Discover your destiny and hear the answers to your most burning questions. Our tarot card readings will help you see into the future and navigate a path through life’s obstacles. You no longer have to worry about those feelings of doubt whenever you find yourself at a difficult fork in the road of life. Simply CLICK HERE or call 1-888-918-0333 to receive a tarot card reading by phone and get a…Read more

Benefits of a psychic reader near me and a psychic reader online

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In this artiicle, we will summarize shortly and briefly the benefits or advantages of a psychic reader near me and a psychic reader online plus the way of receiving accurate psychic readings at a reasonable price. Benefits of having a psychic reader near me Seekers can have an instant and accurate answer at the time they need. Being instant and accurate may be two most important factors that seekers achieve when answering the…Read more