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Am I psychic? How to know if I have psychic power

yourpsychicreader 29 de May del 2016 Psychics No Comments
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Am I psychic? There are many test-free ways to know if you are a real sensitive medium or not and if you really have psychic power. If you are asking yourself “Am I psychic?” then you undoubtedly are one. Since only people who start to sense weird things, having bizarre coincidence or are interested in that spiritual way of life can really use their internal power to be a real psychic. You might have low abilities in this field but still with hard work and devotion you can really progress in developing psychic abilities.

Been psychic is not only about guessing the future, it is more about being sensitive enough, or open minded and being able to receive messages. These clues or signals usually come from other people, from ghosts and nature. So the first test is to be able to listen to what goes around you.

Am I Psychic

Am I Psychic? You will know if you don’t ignore your true inner self and listen to yourself

The second thing you need to do is listen to yourself. Many people neglect themselves, they don’t listen to their true inner self. This phenomenon might go to the extreme that they don’t really know who they are and they need to rediscover their personality. Sometimes it takes one traumatic event to change your life and make you realize that you are actually someone else or have other important things that you should focus on this life.

Most of the psychic mediums usually get their predictions before they happen. They are sensitive enough to know that something is wrong and need to be fixed. Because they truly feel it they know how to fix it. It is like something is aching and you need to use the right medicine in order to cure it.

Therefore, if you are questioning yourself “Am I psychic?” you must be able to ask and answer questions such as: “can I solve it?”, “can I change it” or “can I fix it?”. Because if you retain information about the future and you can’t use it to the benefit or other people, then there is no reason for you to be a psychic at all.


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