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All you need to know about the Astral Body, appearance and projections

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We are beings that exist in a multitude of dimensions, the astral body tethers us to the multi-dimensional universe by allowing us the fourth dimensional experience.

So what is the astral body?

Some may use the term interchangeably with the term “soul”. However, the human soul is the point of consciousness which makes us “alive”. It has no real form as the third and fourth dimensional bodies do. Some may argue that the soul (or consciousness) is the mode for our being to assimilate experience.

The astral body is, however, not the soul but the vehicle which the consciousness uses to operate in the astral planes. It is the fourth dimensional counterpart to the three-dimensional physical body, which is likewise utilized by the consciousness to operate in the third dimension.

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Anatomy of the Astral Body

The astral body contains chakras, meridians, and vibrational frequencies. The chakra system is what funnels energy into the body from the universe. The meridians are what transports this energy throughout the body, and the vibrational frequencies determine how this energy is utilized.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to completely analyze all aspects of the astral body like we would be able to a physical body. We do believe there is so much more information about the astral body than what we wrote above and do recognize that we are truly ignorant to the particulars of the workings of astral anatomy.

Appearance and Polarity

The appearance which one projects onto the astral planes is a strong indicator of one’s spiritual health and polarity. It is nearly impossible for one to hide negative energies on the astral plane, as these energies will compose the entire essence of such a being’s astral body.

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Positive Polarity

If a being has made progress towards the positive aspect of spirituality, their spiritual body will begin to appear more beautiful and radiant. The energy within the spiritual body will vibrate at a higher frequency and will become lighter and the ability to fly, teleport, and phase through objects will be enhanced on the astral planes. Beings which have achieved a high degree of positivity would appear to more neutral or negative beings as angels or bright stars confused as gods or goddesses.

It is impossible for a negative entity to emulate the positive feelings of love and joy which accompany truly positive beings. The light from a positive entity’s aura is always colorful and vibrant.

Negative Polarity

When beings progress towards the negative spiritual path (lacking light and love), the energetic astral matter emits less and less of its own light. Those which are more of a neutral polarity yet have just started their decent into negativity will see a dulling down of vibrant colors in their auras.

The vibration of energy will slow down causing matter to become more course the spiritual body will begin to feel more and more heavy. If you are progressing towards negativity you will find it increasingly difficult to fly, teleport, or phase. Those who have progressed significantly down the path of darkness will not be able to produce any light for themselves. Should their astral light die, they will be forced to take on a new incarnation, this causes great fear to negative entities. These beings are known as psychic vampires.

The astral body of a psychic vampire cannot sustain its own life force so it is forced to drain the life force of other beings. You can always recognize a psychic vampire by the fact that their spiritual body seems emaciated, the skin and aura seem gray, and the presence of black holes in place of eyes.

If you look into the mirror on the astral plane and do not like what you see. Look inward to change the outward appearance of your spiritual body.


Projections of the Astral Body

Do not be surprised if when you astral project you seem to always “forget” to look at your astral body. Your consciousness seems almost entirely unbothered by the appearance of one’s astral body. When you do notice your astral form do not be surprised if…  you project completely unclothed you are of the contradictory sex or find yourself without sex you seem imperceptible, i.e you can use your hands or legs, yet you are not able to visualize them, you are a sphere of energy, you are not in human form.

There are a variety of reasons for your astral body assuming a particular form, but the important thing to consider is that it is just a residual image of your conscious and subconscious mind, this image can be altered permanently with energy work, or temporally with conscious thought.

When you find yourself on the astral plane you will find that your ego mind is fast asleep and that you seem to be guided by a new set of goals. Your mind is more free from extraneous thought, so you do not seem to worry about what your body looks like.

It is important to note that even though the astral planes and the beings that dwell there seem very vivid, almost physical, they cannot harm you in the astral same way the physical body can be harmed. In short, your astral body cannot be killed like the physical body can be. There should be no fear of death in the astral.

All astral matter can be transmutated, however. This happens all the time as a result of energy work, either for a positive alchemical transmutation or a negative alchemical transmutation. Having said this care should be taken when traveling the astral plane to avoid the infectious influence of negative energies.


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