Psychic dreams premonitions

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We all want to survive and psychic dreams premonitions are one of the tools to help us to overcome difficulties. With psychic dreams premonitions we can predict the future so we can prepare for things that are going to happen in our life. Psychic dreams premonitions are based on the emotions and feelings we have since the prehistoric era, when the early humans were driven more by their primal instincts…Read more

Find the meaning of dreams and learn how to read dream symbols

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Dreams are something created inside us, so although there are many dream dictionaries, interpreters and psychics, the truth is that the best answer can be found only by you. The meaning of dreams is a quest, a long journey to find the best way to live, the road might be twisted and hard, sometimes you will find people that would try to hurt you, but in the end, if you…Read more

How to lucid dream easily?

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lucid dream

A lot of people with psychic powers have lucid dreams and don’t even know it. So before you learn how to lucid dream easily, take the time to understand what exactly means because if you have such a dream it will be easier for you to get the results much quicker. In a lucid dream you can basically do whatever you like, it is very similar to play a computer game or to be inside…Read more

Common dream symbols not to be afraid of

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There are a few common dream symbols that seem to appear in everyone’s dream. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your beliefs are, these common dream symbols are universal to all the people of the world: Death – the scariest symbol of all, yet it doesn’t have to be nightmarish, as it also symbolizes a new beginning. Falling – it’s all about realizing that you must be aware…Read more


Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

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Our brain has lots of frequencies which are called: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. When our brain waves change, they affect our body and soul. brainwave-entrainment is all about how to be in a specific state of mind. If you would like to be more connected with your spirit and develop your psychic mystery skills, then you will have to explore brainwave entrainment. You can switch between these awareness states naturally; it…Read more

Meaning of dreams: water flood, wave accident

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Meaning of dreams: water – points to feelings and emotional issues. Things that you feel right now but in the real life you try to hide or ignore. But in your dreams they are coming back to you. Water flood – too many strong emotions that are taking you out of balance. You don’t know what to do because you are confused. But it can also be a good thing because the…Read more

Lucid dream inducer: Control your dreams while sleeping

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lucid dream inducer

Would you like to know how to control dreams in your sleep? By becoming a lucid dream inducer, you can achieve this goal. When we are asleep our brain producing images. These pictures which show as a movie are there from a good reason. First it makes the brain active while we sleep and hence we stay alive. If the brain would shut our body then we will be dead. Aside from this…Read more