The proper use of Feng Shui can definitely bring luck to your life

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The adequate use of feng shui can definitely increase the flow of positive energy in a room. By the correct use of feng shui for luck you can learn how to attract the luck of the universe towards you. There are many good luck charms associated with feng shui practices and are considered to be symbols of good fortune and a long life. The use of these feng shui lucky symbols…Read more

The Hidden Art of Overcoming, Harnessing Negative Emotions

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Emotions. When was the last opportunity you made up your mind while you were upset, jealous, angry, depressed, bitter, or frustrated? How did it work out for you? This is where the expression, one step forward, two steps back came from. Think about it. If you could feel all your emotions, experience everything just as you do now, not numbing yourself to any of them, but instead of denying or…Read more

How to Manifest Your Wishes: Alchemy

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Whether you are totally happy or feel all alone in a world of pain and rejection (see zen koan), there is always another event you want to experience. How much of your precious and priceless moments are spent grasping in the dark – failing to experience what you want? Worse yet, you may even think of every step that was not successful as a failure. At least grasping in the…Read more

All you need to know about Reiki, the ancient healing power

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It is known that “hands on” healing has been used for thousands of years, in many different cultures, religions, by those who do not follow any sort of religion at all. However, it must be noted again, that All healing energies and rays, including Reiki energy, originate from, and have been created by the Source. Some Spiritual healers work with the help of their Spirit helpers using them as a…Read more


What’s the importance of the chakras for our physical & spiritual well-being?

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The chakras are the energy centers or vortexes that are situated near and in line with our spine. There are seven major chakras, which are located near specific organs in the physical body and in particular correspond to the glands of the endocrine system, (one of the major systems in our physical body). And because the chakras are linked by a central channel, (running parallel to our spine), they appear…Read more

The Human Energy System

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Around each human being, as well as animals, creatures, trees, flowers and all forms of life (that have a life force within them) there is a “field” of force, which is an energy field (a spiritual emanation), mostly unseen by the physical eye (unless you are a gifted clairvoyant). The scientific term for this is: Electromagnetic field. The spiritual term is: The Aura. Within the aura are different layers or…Read more

Meditation techniques: Learn how to meditate

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It is important to learn the art of meditation for the purpose of developing as a healer, and the reason for this is to enrich our relationship with the Source of all life (God). We do this through the center of our subtle or what’s commonly known as “higher self”. When trying to reach this “higher self”, we learn to still our “lower” mind and widen our consciousness, thus enabling…Read more