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All you need to know about the Astral Body, appearance and projections

yourpsychicreader 1 de August del 2016 Psychic Mysteries No Comments

We are beings that exist in a multitude of dimensions, the astral body tethers us to the multi-dimensional universe by allowing us the fourth dimensional experience. So what is the astral body? Some may use the term interchangeably with the term “soul”. However, the human soul is the point of consciousness which makes us “alive”. It has no real form as the third and fourth dimensional bodies do. Some may…Read more

Are the events depicted in The Fourth kind real?

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many people who watched this movie are wondering if the facts depicted on the Fourth kind are real. On the one hand, it looks very authentic with many real video and tapes recording, but on the other hand, it can also turn to be fake or a hoax, just a way to attract more people to watch this movie like the Blair Witch Project. There are many mysterious psychic issues…Read more

What’s good and bad karma? Is it possible to change karma?

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If you are wondering what karma is, then first you have to understand that the meaning of this word is “action”. The basic principle behind this psychic mystery is that every action has its effect in our wonderful world. If you are doing something good, then you will have a good karma and in return more people including you, will have a better life. On the other hand, if your…Read more


How factual are bible code predictions? How can they be decrypted?

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The bible code predictions as interpretation of the sacred text are pretty hard to find. There are lots of psychic mysteries there that we don’t completely understand yet. The bible code predictions can only be stories and legends but they can also provide predictions for the future. If not in the mystic sense, then at least on the level of a documented history which might repeat itself very soon. So how can we encode or…Read more


What are predictions? How accurate can they be?

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Predictions are a special way to know what will happen in the future. There are many ways in which we can define prediction. The most important fact is that it is not always based on scientific methods and even if it is, then there are statistics that are with or against the change that the prediction will actually occur. Prediction is a subject that lies between the lines, a place where…Read more

Online Ouija board dangers and rules

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You might think the Online Ouija board (which is also referred to as “talking board” or “witch board”) is a fun internet game to play with your friends. But the truth is much more complicated. It holds many strict rules and if you don’t take it seriously then you will encounter dangerous situations involving spirits from the other world. How to use an Ouija board? The Ouija board contains all the alphabet…Read more

What’s Karma Build? Where can we find Karma in our lives?

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Karma build is a pattern that we have put in place as a result of something that we did. It’s a pattern of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. So karma is cause and effect, whatever we put in place, something always comes as a result of it. So for example if we put hatred in some place we will get hate in return from other people or we will…Read more