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What’s the difference between a Psychic Reader and a Medium? All you need to know

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A psychic reader or simply a psychic is someone who is sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. They use a sixth sense to assess the energy around people, places and things, and obtain information through that energy.

Psychic ability is in the same family as intuition – that “feeling” you get in the pit of your stomach that tells you to pay attention to a certain person, not to go certain places, or that something big is about to happen. Psychics have an extremely heightened version of that, where they not only have those feelings, but receive details accompanying them; either by hearing, seeing, envisioning or “feeling” them.

A Medium, on the other hand, is a person who has the psychic ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. They act as an intermediary between the living and the dead. Most Mediums hear the voices of the deceased as well as physically see them. In addition, as with the living, they can sense/read the emotions of the entity.

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How can I recognize a Real Psychic Reader?

Having come from a very long line of psychics and mediums, is a good way to recognize a true, real Psychic Reader. Most people offering psychic readings are in fact intuitive people with their own intentions. As anyone who has had a reading with a real psychic will tell you, the level of accuracy given by a psychic reader is not something a simply intuitive person could accomplish. Psychic readers’ abilities are so widely known and appreciated that they are usually sought out for help in missing persons’ cases, and some have even consulted on screenplays dealing with the paranormal.

As previously mentioned, a good way to recognize a genuine, trustworthy psychic reader is because she/he comes from a very long line of psychics and mediums. They normally adopted out of their lineage, and in many cases their adoptive parents became aware of their gifts before they reached preschool. After some family research, it’s possible to discover that relatives in their biological family had been helping people spiritually for hundreds of years, and that they simply had the gift passed down to them.

How does a psychic reader get the information?

A psychic reader sees herself/himself as a messenger and interpreter – her/his job is to take the information that she/he receives, and relay it to the client. Since many real psychics are both a psychic and a medium, their information comes to them in many ways:

  • By communicating with spirits, or the spirit guide(s) of the person they’re doing the psychic reading for.
  • During a psychic reading, they may be bombarded with words or images, by seeing or hearing them. Often times, psychic readers don’t understand the significance of what they are saying, but the client inevitably does.
  • By receiving a heightened version of the “feelings” all of us have.

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What kind of questions can I ask a psychic reader?

There are absolutely no restrictions on the psychic questions you may ask during your reading. You can be as general (i.e.”How is my love life going to look in the next year?) or as specific (Does Michael like me?) as you like. The amount of details the psychic reader receives varies. While one question may spark 10 minutes of constantly flowing details, in response to another, the psychic reader may only receive 3 details. This is indicative of how much you are meant to know on the subject at that specific time. One important thing to keep in mind is that while you should ask questions you want to know the answer to, you will never receive more information than you can truly handle. If the psychic reader is given a message, you were meant to receive it.

Can psychics read animals? Can they read themselves?

Many professionals do psychic readings for animals, while others don’t because they have a particular, yet respectable opinion on psychics who do. The one thing most of psychics know about animals is that each animal in our life was made for us specifically, and sent to us at that particular time for a reason. They are almost like furry guardian angels, meant to be a true source of purity and love in a world where that is difficult to find.

Psychic readers have to face their own life, their own path, with the same tools as we all have. Any genuine psychics are in no way psychics about themselves, making room for mistakes, lessons and personal evolvement. In no way can they use their psychic ability to directly profit themselves without helping another in turn. It is a G-d given gift, that has its individual benefits and complications. If psychics could use their ability for personal gain alone, it is possible that they could retire, live a wealthy lifestyle, turn in a winning lottery ticket, and never use their gift to help another human being. The incapability to foresee their own consequences is premeditated in order to keep them focused on helping others.

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What if I don’t believe in psychic readings or psychics at all?

To get a psychic reading, you do not have to be a 100% believer in psychic abilities. Many psychics have an adoration for open-minded skeptics – and consider themselves one. If you go into an experience with an open-mind, open to the possibility of all outcomes, then you will get the most not just out of your psychic reading, but out of all of your experiences. To get anything out of anything in life, an open mind is required. Most of psychics’ regular clients were not people who would have ever dreamed about seeking a psychic reader, but the experience somehow found them. If you approach things with an open mind, in worthy cases beliefs and a heightened sense of self will follow.

In the rare event that someone comes to a psychic only with the idea of disproving psychic ability, being closed off to any other possibility, it would quite simply be a waste of time for all parties involved, and not an interest. We thank you for visiting our site, and wish you all the luck in the world.

What should I do after the psychic reading is over, with the information I’m given?

More often than not, following a psychic reading, a client will have an emotional response. The most common emotions would be relief, happiness, or validating tears. With certain people, they will experience a numbness or shock as a result of the accuracy received. In any case, we recommend people to allow themselves whatever response may come from it, and to take the necessary time to let the information digest!

What you do with your experience with the psychic reader is the part that interests us the most. Whatever advice or insight was given, we encourage you to let the full weight of it sink in after the initial emotional response, and to think about if/how you are going to incorporate it into your decision making. Many people will realize they have just joined the ranks of people who understand that there are things beyond our own little corners in the world, and see a noticeable increase in their curiosity about their own spirituality. This is our absolute ideal purpose here at PsychicReaders.mobi. If you find that this is your experience after a psychic reading. You’ve just opened many doors for yourself, and are beginning a very exciting spiritual journey that will enhance your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined.


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