» » Epiphany meaning: Realize something you’ve never known before

Epiphany meaning: Realize something you’ve never known before

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Epiphany is basically when you suddenly realize something that you have never known before, it’s finally knowing or understanding a psychic phenomenon that you have always wondered about.

Epiphany is widely used in the psychic mystery world, a place where all the strange things that happen in our life are hosted. The average person doesn’t have the powers or the guidance to decode these mysteries.

This is why they often go to a fortune teller online or face-to-face, which can connect with higher spirits and ask them specific questions so the client will be able to feel epiphany. 


If you achieve your goal, it doesn’t guarantee you will have an epiphany

During your life you will encounter many situations in which you will think that you are missing something. Even if your position on earth is good you might feel that it is very far from being perfect. This is where you will start your quest for things, it can be metaphysical things like love, happiness and spirituality but it can also be physical stuff like a house, good job or a new car. Whatever you are seeking, if you achieve your target there is no guarantee that you will have an epiphany.

You see, sometimes we are running and rush to something that we think that will bring us joy, but in the end you might find out that you are still unhappy, meaning this is not the thing that was bothering you and you have wasted your time by chasing your own tale, or you have walked in circles.

When we try to define the meaning of epiphany, we should look at our quest and see not only to where we are going but also from where we start. Something it is not the target that we are running to, but the starting point that we are running from.


A myth states that today’s technology came from an epiphany as psychic mystery

There is a myth that many of the technology gadgets around us came from the psychic mystery of epiphany. But this is not the case, because it is not a random thing, you have to work for it for a long time in order to achieve something in this life.

Nothing comes as a random prize, luck or free. Even the luckiest person on earth has to do something to trigger the good energies to be a meaningful part of his life. So in the spiritual life there are also no shortcuts. But still there are clues. It is like finding the right piece of the puzzle and out it at the right spot.

Now that you know the meaning of epiphany you can start to search for these little clues in your daily life. You can always consult the stars with horoscopes, or the cards with tarot reading or any other psychic way that will help you to see life more clearly.


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