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Are the events depicted in The Fourth kind real?

yourpsychicreader 18 de June del 2016 Psychic Mysteries No Comments
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many people who watched this movie are wondering if the facts depicted on the Fourth kind are real. On the one hand, it looks very authentic with many real video and tapes recording, but on the other hand, it can also turn to be fake or a hoax, just a way to attract more people to watch this movie like the Blair Witch Project.

There are many mysterious psychic issues going on in Alaska, this is why the movie can be labeled as based on true events. It tries to explain what happened to the people there that went crazy after aliens contacted them at night. Furthermore, in real life, many people have been reported missing in that area, and these cases from October 2000 are still opened and even the police don’t have answers.


Some people say that it doesn’t matter if the events from the Fourth kind were real or not because these kinds of aliens abductions happen all the time. So the movie doesn’t even represent a true story that happened at Nome Alaska, it sure happened somewhere else on earth.

Aliens visit us all the time and these meetings are kept in secret for numerous reasons. First, the people who have seen UFOs can’t interpret them as spaceships and usually don’t pay too much attention to them. Those who suspect that something is wrong tend not to have a discussion with their relatives about it because they are afraid that they will treat them like crazy people.

Many horror movies like to take old legends or even true stories and connect them with the movie. In this way, they can make you feel and even believe that it is true. It is very similar to the movie Paranormal Activity. Maybe it is a new genre of “real” movies and maybe it is all true but still the best way to judge is to see it for yourself!

The Fourth Kind facts

After watching the movie, The Fourth Kind you’ll probably wonder if it is real and will looking for movie facts to understand if this kind of alien story is possible or not.


The Fourth Kind facts are very simple and can be summed up with just being a sci-fi movie and nothing more. However, they used a few facts that were published at newspapers to make it look like parts of the movie is right. For example, it is a fact that 40 people disappeared on October 2009 in Nome Alaska but it was due to drinking problems and bad weather at that night. So when you take a few facts from the real life and add a little fiction to them, some people will tend to believe that this is a true story. It is like a distortion and a mix of rumors to create an alien abduction story.

The characters are all fictional and don’t really exist in reality. And also the archival footage, video tapes and pictures are all a remake of something that wasn’t real at all. It creates an atmosphere of a real story even if it is not, very similar to the Paranormal Activity movie. This is a new genre of horror movies that looks like documentaries. It supposes to give the plot a credibility of a true research but the results are not so authoritarian.

After looking at all The Fourth Kind facts you can conclude that they are all fake, however, alien abductions happen around us very often even if we are not aware of this. Abductions stories and UFO sightings have been reported since the early civilization of the human kind and there’s a part of the plot that fit in these cases. So there is a possibility that when they say it is based on true events they mean that it is describing alien encounters as they occurred in recent years.


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