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Free tarot card reading: Ways to spread the cards to answer your questions

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Everyone is interested in a free tarot card reading but the most important is to know how to do the card spreads. Here are some popular ways to spread tarot cards:

  • Three Cards
  • Five Cards
  • Nine Cards
  • Celtic Cross
  • Large Tarot
  • Shape-Based

Basically, every free tarot card reading option has its positive strength and in the end it all depends about what you want to know. There are specific tarot spreads for specific situations, so the tarot reader should know it before he/she starts the process of fortune telling.

free tarot card reading

The cards can be put on the table in different wats in order to ask specific questions

There are many burning questions and each spread should address them differently. For example, there are several ways to put the cards on the table for questions like:

  • Do I work in the place that is good for me?
  • What was I in the past lifetime?
  • What is my new direction in life?
  • How to overcome childhood problems?
  • Where my love life is going to?

Plus many more.

It is also very important for the interpretation process and it will affect the results of the free tarot readings if they will be accurate or not.

After you shuffle the cards you spread them in special position on the desk. Each position has unique meaning like, past, present and future. But there are many other levels of interpretation such as hope, fears, emotions and other influences.

tarot reader

A free tarot card reading is all about providing you with the best information as you always have a choice

A free tarot card reading is all about giving you the best information and let you understand that you do have a choice. That said, you can be sure that in the end everything will sort on the good way if you will do the right thing.

Sometimes people are not too focused on their lives; just go from one thing to another and leave a trail of problems behind them. They think that if they will run away fast enough everything will go away. But don’t be delusional, the real life problems are those who are within of us, and we just cannot escape from them so easily.

Yes, a tarot card reading might scare you but it is not the end of the world for you yet. It is only a way to give you a small direction that if you use it wisely, you will be able to solve your current life problems.


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