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The Hidden Art of Overcoming, Harnessing Negative Emotions

yourpsychicreader 28 de June del 2016 Meditation No Comments
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Emotions. When was the last opportunity you made up your mind while you were upset, jealous, angry, depressed, bitter, or frustrated? How did it work out for you?

This is where the expression, one step forward, two steps back came from. Think about it. If you could feel all your emotions, experience everything just as you do now, not numbing yourself to any of them, but instead of denying or resisting them, you could calmly and coolly harness them, how many steps forward would you be? At least if you use drugs to numb your feelings, you won’t make a rash decision that will ruin your friendships, love, and work–you won’t be taking any steps backward. You’ll only be ruining your body (which is actually a huge flying leap backwards).

But if you don’t numb yourself to these intense emotions, you’ll probably act out in a way that sets you back two steps. So either way, ironically, the happiest and most successful people on earth are the ones who don’t act on emotion. It’s not that they are handicapped and unable to feel, they are simply working from a higher level–one where they direct their feelings–not the other way around.


First of all, you must understand what the real meaning of emotions is

What is this place? Where is this place? But before you get there, you’ve got to understand what emotions are. If you want to harness something, you’ve got to understand what that thing is first. But let’s take this further. Where are emotions? And ultimately, how do you overcome them to craft your life from a place where you hold the reins to the most powerful feelings within you. Think about it. There are no such thing as negative feelings. You come to label an emotion negative only after you’ve failed to manage it.

Learn how to manage your feelings. Learn how to manage the most powerful negative emotions before they become negative. Learn how to manage the most powerful emotions while they are still sources of power to build your life.


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