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Iridology Chart Eye

yourpsychicreader 24 de May del 2016 Psychics No Comments
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Iridology chart – this is a way to study the iris of the eye. We are looking at the fiber of the iris and try to gain information about ourselves. For example, if the fibers of the eye are moving very tightly it is an indication the body is healthy.

When the fibers of the eye are very loose it indicates that the person is weaker. And depending of where those loose fibers are, the eye is broken down like a map – we call it the Iridology chart.

It is like a clock, so we can see that there is different marking in the organ system around the eye. It is a tool that helps to diagnose and in some cases even heal. The heal can be very quickly or if the person is weaker will it take much longer to heal?


Iridology can provide answers a lot of questions related to your body and related diseases

There are the main questions that iridology answers. We can not see diseases in the eye we can only see strength and weakness we can also see how they are related to other organs in your body. For example, if you have a particular weakness, open fibers in the stomach area then maybe you should go and check this area with a specialist doctor. This is a general tool to look at our body through Iridology chart.

Some argue that Iridology chart is healing way that is 100% scientific, some say it have never proved to be true. But modern technology opens our lives to new possibilities. The fact is that in lots of cultures and primeval beliefs, the eye was always a window to our soul, spirit and mind.

Today we can also say that it is an open window to our body as well. This is an example of how a psychic phenomenon can be develop through the years and in the end find it self in the edge of the modern science.


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