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Karma Symbol: Myth or Reality?

yourpsychicreader 19 de May del 2016 Psychic Mysteries No Comments
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The words “Karma symbol” are mostly understood as the law of cause and effect. The theory of Karma symbol is taken to be akin to Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

Every time we think or carry out something in particular, we produce a cause, which later on will reflect its parallel, equivalent effects. The cyclical cause and effect generates the concept of reincarnation: this is karma symbol.


What can be taken as Myth or Reality when it comes to Karma?

Myth – every action, voluntary or involuntary is karma symbol.

Reality – involuntary actions are not karma. Like reflex actions of the body. Also, those actions to which our feelings, emotions and mind are not party to or attached to are not karma.

Myth – karma is payback.

Reality – karma is payback is only half true. Karma is payback but payback as we choose it. We select how and what of our life. Right from the first birth to every subsequent reincarnation. We are thus the creators of our own destiny.

What we call “God” is our psychic source: neutral and unconditional love

Our choice of how and what we want, though, is likely to be influenced by the way we have been living across reincarnations. Again by choice there is no one else judging us. Our psychic source, what we call as god, is neutral and unconditional love in its true essence.

karma symbol

Myth – Karma is bad and we should be afraid of it.

Reality – normally when one talks of karma symbol, the immediate feeling is that of bad karma generated through so called bad or wrong actions. There are two other important aspects which are forgotten. First, so called good or right actions generate good karma as well. Second, and more importantly, nothing is really good or bad, right or wrong other than the moral side of it. Implying thereby that whether you call it good or bad, the fact is that our karma’s presence will continue to recycle us into subsequent states of existence, till we burn them all – good or bad. Many call this good karma gold and the bad karma is called iron. The silver lining thought, is the fact that it’s just perceived as only physical body is subject to the game of karma. Our true nature, the real self, is above it and beyond it.

Myth – karma cannot be undone.

Reality – not only can karma be changed, altered or rewritten, it can be completely erased or removed, and this, even when we are in the physical body. It takes an understanding or an awareness of our true self to do it.



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