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Meaning of dreams: water flood, wave accident

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Meaning of dreams: water – points to feelings and emotional issues. Things that you feel right now but in the real life you try to hide or ignore. But in your dreams they are coming back to you.

Water flood – too many strong emotions that are taking you out of balance. You don’t know what to do because you are confused. But it can also be a good thing because the water helps you to clear your mind. It is true what they say that after the rain comes the rainbow.

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A water wave symbolizes theintensity of your feelings, for example, small waves means you are relaxed and quiet right now. And big crushing waves mean that you are under huge pressure and stress. The greater the wave the more you are unhappy with your life.

Water flood is another sign that you have emotional problems, however it is also connected to the spiritual path, because powerful winds are also creating the waves and it means that something is disturbing your soul, you are also spiritually imbalanced.

Meaning of dreams: All Different connotations of water flood

Meaning of dreamsWater in your housea house is a sign of your mind, so when there is water in your house it means you want to give up on a bad habit. Something that disturbs you for a long time. In this condition you just cannot live properly, the water is flooding everything you know, you can not see, walk or do anything in this situation.


Water Bridge – you try to cross over your emotions, jump from feeling to feeling. While in most cases it is a good thing – because you are moving on to the next phase and peace of mind, please remember that you might also be running away from bad emotions and this is not always the best way to solve problems. It also means you are examining your life from a different point of view.

Meaning of dreamsWater flow – the direction in which certain feelings lead you too. It is like thinking for yourself if you will feel good about something where this will take you? Similar to foretelling what’s to come, what are the consequences of my actions?

Water accident – you are afraid that you can not express yourself in the way you want, like drowning, you have heavy feelings that are taking you down to the bottom of the ocean.


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