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Metasymbology and Jyotisha

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Metasymbology is the world’s most accurate method of Card Reading.  It has been referred to as the Book of Toth, the Altantean Oracle, and the Gypsy Bible.  Unlike tarot, the Cards do not rely on psychic ability or the gift of the gab for interpretation.  Instead, the reader must use a definite structure and formula to bring the Astrological, Numerological and other esoteric symbols of the Cards to life.

Metasymbology readings are very practical and detail oriented.  Our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and material strengths and weaknesses are revealed.  The Cards also show us specific time frames (predictions) to let us know WHEN we can expect these strengths and weaknesses to occur and not just if.


Metasymbology help us to understand what attracts to specific people and may separate us from them

Metasymbology also describes people in our lives. From loved ones, to friends, family, co-workers, and even those with a brief, though significant influence in our life! Past, present or future, the Cards enable us to better understand what draws us to certain people and what may drive us apart.

Self-understanding, karmic challenges, spiritual insight, career guidance and just what it is we are supposed to be doing in life, it truly is “All in the Cards!

Jyotisha – The Ancient Science of Light

Jyotisha is a branch of the Vedas – ancient Sanskrit texts of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge.

The word Jyoti means “LIGHT” and the word Isha means “LORD” – thus – “LIGHT LORDS “. These lords are symbolized by the five major planets and two “shadow planets” which traverse our celestial theatre ~ their light guiding us or blinding us ~ helping or hindering us on our incredible journey through life.


Palmistry and Astrology are branches of Jyotish. Both of these ancient sciences are based upon the theory of accumulated karma and look to the Lords of Light for guidance and insight.

While Palmistry gives me insight into a persons conscious and subconscious realm, Astrology provides the long-range foresight to help guide and inspire.

The lines are not written into the human hands without reason, they come from heavenly influences and man’s own individuality! Aristotle


JYOTISHA – The Art of Palmistry

Did you know…

In Palmistry, the fingers reveal the way in which we express our conscious and subconscious minds. People with very long fingers tend to deliberate and contemplate matters thoroughly before reaching a conclusion or taking any action. They are slow to express themselves in social situations and may come across as being withdrawn or introverted to the point of becoming uninterested.

Additionally, people with short fingers are impulsive and spontaneous, intellectual and fast to respond to circumstances. People with very short fingers need to take the time to absorb and assimilate the energy around them and avoid jumping to conclusions.


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