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Online Ouija board dangers and rules

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You might think the Online Ouija board (which is also referred to as “talking board” or “witch board”) is a fun internet game to play with your friends. But the truth is much more complicated. It holds many strict rules and if you don’t take it seriously then you will encounter dangerous situations involving spirits from the other world.

How to use an Ouija board?

The Ouija board contains all the alphabet letters, digits from 0 to 9 and the words yes, no, hi and bye. The other part is a small glass cup which is called the pointer. The principle is very simple; you need to use your psychic powers to summon the dead souls and ask one question. After this, if everything is going well, the little cup will move to the letters one by one and provide you with the answer. This is a great way to interact with ghosts and gather information about the mystery of the dead.


How to make an Ouija board?

After you know how it looks like it is kind of simple to engrave or carve a piece of wood with letters and numbers, this way, it will look much authentic and the results will be much better when you contact the ghosts because it is made of natural materials. Alternatively, you can make the Ouija board with a piece of paper and of course you can always buy it at any spiritual store.

Ouija board rules and dangers

Warning! In order to prevent dangers while you are talking to the ghosts please stick to these rules, otherwise the consequence can be really tragic:

  • Use a silver coin to protect yourself from bad spirits and circle the area with candles so in this way you define a specific place where they can’t cross inside, this is very important in keeping a distance between you and the other beings because you never know what will happen.
  • Another good recommendation is to close the windows and doors inside the room, this will prevent the ghosts from traveling restless in our world.
  • Also, never play this “game” alone! If something happens to you there will be no one near to give you a hand. There are lots of stories about people who thought they could use the Ouija board alone, and after a while they got possessed by spirits from beyond and nobody realized how it occurred and how to do a proper exorcism to save them from their fatal fate.
  • Do not trust any answer you get from the witching board, they can really deceive and trick you, always remember you don’t know with who or what you are dealing with so the best advice is to be careful.



Is the Ouija board a game or is it real?

Some think that the Ouija board is only a game with no mystery at all like the monopoly game board, and that no psychic powers are involved in the process of interacting with the ghosts. And also that the pointer moves randomly or the human participants move it with their fingers.

Despite of we have mentioned in this article… do you think you still have the courage to challenge the dangerous spirits/ghosts?


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