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What’s the difference between a Psychic Reader and a Medium? All you need to know

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A psychic reader or simply a psychic is someone who is sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. They use a sixth sense to assess the energy around people, places and things, and obtain information through that energy. Psychic ability is in the same family as intuition – that “feeling” you get in the pit of your stomach that tells you to pay attention to a certain person, not to…Read more

What are psychic medium readings all about?

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What are psychic medium readings and what can they exactly do? Psychic medium readings are mostly about one thing only: to channel the dead spirits or ghosts in order to gain more information about the world after dead but also to find some good answers to the mystery of life itself. This is why a psychic medium can help you solve issues that you a currently dealing with. To do proper psychic medium readings…Read more

The Hidden Art of Overcoming, Harnessing Negative Emotions

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Emotions. When was the last opportunity you made up your mind while you were upset, jealous, angry, depressed, bitter, or frustrated? How did it work out for you? This is where the expression, one step forward, two steps back came from. Think about it. If you could feel all your emotions, experience everything just as you do now, not numbing yourself to any of them, but instead of denying or…Read more

Psychic readers can tell you what’s going on with your body

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A Medical Intuitive has the ability to see inside the body with their psychic vision; these psychic readers can give you information that you can take back to your health care practitioner for better health care. They offer a few options for your health check. You may ask for any or all of these. Please note: These psychics do not diagnose, but they do tell you some things to check out…Read more


A psychic test can help you identify your psychic abilities

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Every person has a psychic ability and a psychic test can definitely help to identify it as well as some everyday happenings. For example, when you meet someone that you recently thought about, or had a strange dream at night which turned to be real in the morning, or just became part of an unexplained mystery. The little psychic events happen all the time even without our notice hence the…Read more

Pet psychics: What are your pets trying to tell you?

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Have you ever looked into your pet’s eyes and thought for minute that he/she was actually trying to send you some sort of message?  Many people have. And we can say for sure that it is quite an experience trying to figure out what our cat or pet is actually trying to tell us sometimes. Maybe cats make it easier than other pets because cats seem to have a really…Read more

Have Psychics and Spirituality gone mainstream?

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There is an interesting article in the Australian Herald Sun that talks about how psychics and spirituality is coming more into the mainstream. The article quotes Lizzy Rose, the famous Australian celebrity psychic as saying that we are now in the ‘awareness age’ where people are much more questioning and explorative now.  And also that men are now just as likely as women to consult with psychics and want to…Read more