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Spiritual healing: an inbuilt gift of healing power

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The term “healing” is actually an “umbrella” expression, as there are many different forms of healing and different applications. The many and varied complimentary therapies for instance, come under the healing “umbrella”, as well as healing with the unseen energies, such as Reiki and spiritual healing, which are, of course, also complimentary therapies. When it comes to the power of healing with these “unseen” energies people sometimes get a little confused…Read more

Online Ouija board dangers and rules

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You might think the Online Ouija board (which is also referred to as “talking board” or “witch board”) is a fun internet game to play with your friends. But the truth is much more complicated. It holds many strict rules and if you don’t take it seriously then you will encounter dangerous situations involving spirits from the other world. How to use an Ouija board? The Ouija board contains all the alphabet…Read more

How do free psychic readings by chat work?

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Gone are the days when psychic mediums would wander around Europe inside the firm of traveling gypsy caravans or the wonders of an old school circus. These days the standard old crone has been replaced by online psychics and young New Age diviners helping open minded businessmen and confused college students sort out their subconscious desires to make the decisions they must succeed in life. With this entire new breed…Read more

In which scenarios are Psychic Medical Readings useful?

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Psychic Medical Readings are done for people or pets who have a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health problem and require guidance to know the best possible course of action to take. Health issues need to be your number one priority in life, it is your intuition telling you that something within you desperately needs your attention. For a psychic medical reading it does not matter the degree of health difficulty, whether you…Read more


Learn more about the different types of psychic readings

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Psychic Readings This is just a conversation, where you ask as many questions as you like and the psychic sees what details she/he can get. The psychic readings can also access your spirit guide, and in many cases certain aspects of past lives. A lot of people say this is basically like a conversation between two friends, just on your part you of course get access to the expert psychic abilities. This is probably the…Read more

What’s Karma Build? Where can we find Karma in our lives?

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Karma build is a pattern that we have put in place as a result of something that we did. It’s a pattern of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. So karma is cause and effect, whatever we put in place, something always comes as a result of it. So for example if we put hatred in some place we will get hate in return from other people or we will…Read more


How to get Interactive Psychic Readings via live cam?

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Have you been planning to get psychic readings but just don’t know where to start? Picking up the phone directory and going through the listings or going through the dailies may be an option but what guarantee do you have that that psychic, astrologer or dream interpretation expert is worth your time? Consider also that with every real thing there is a fake alternative and we have all heard of…Read more