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Palm Reading, Palmistry or Chiromancy: All you need to know

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Palm reading is the art of predicting the future and depicting someone’s personality through the study of the dominant hand’s lines and shape (the dominant hand is the hand we write with). This practice, also known as chiromancy, palmistry or hand analysis exists all over the world, but let’s take a deeper look at its origins.

Palm reading history

Palm reading was born in India, many centuries before Christ. From there, the science of reading into the lines of hand spread to China, Japan, Arab countries, and arrived in Europe in the twelfth century.

At first, gypsies from Central Europe were the first to read into the palm. One considers this evolution as “normal” since gypsies are gifted by nature for carrying out a lot sciences branded as “occult”: magic, astrology, horoscope, psychic readings and many more.

palm reading

Adrien Desbarrolles and captain Casimir d’Arpentigny, two individuals of French origin are considered nowadays as the creators of modern palmistry. While in Spain, both met a gypsy who read their hands and from that moment, they started to be interested in that revolutionary form of psychic reading.

D’Arpentigny observed that the majority of artists had long and thin fingers while, on the other hand, experts or physicists had knotty knuckles and fingers. Chiromancy was then founded as a real and serious anatomic science.

Today, palm readers mix up traditional techniques of palmistry with foretelling and psychology.

A famous chiromancer: Cheiro

Born in Ireland, William John Warner (1866-1936), a.k.a. “Cheiro”, is being considered as the most famous chiromancer for having predicted successfully the future and personality of many persons. He gave courses and wrote many fascinating palmistry books such as “Cheiro’s palmistry for all”, “Language of the hand”, “You and your hand”, among others.

Palm reading technique

First of all, the chiromancer begins by thoroughly examinining the hand’s shape of the person, the characteristics of the fingers and fingers’ nails and last but not least the various birth lines anyone has in the palm.


As a result, it is possible to read into a person’s hand from a picture. This technique is developed to offer people the possibility to get a complete and serious palm reading.

Palmistry Technique

Palmistry is an ever growing science. New shops and websites are opening every day, yet it’s not easy to find a reliable chiromancer, and some persons proposing their services are not real palm reading experts. Make sure to get the insurance of an expert and a reliable palm reading. Your first experience in chiromancy needs to become a real success so try to read the testimonies of clients who, just like you, ordered their palm reading and expressed their complete satisfaction.

Palm reading success

Why would you choose a specific site for your online palm reading? Well, it must be a team of palmistry experts able to offer a scientific software allowing you to get an online palm reading, as accurate as a live one. Based upon hand shape and hand lines, the technique must be able to satisfy hundreds of clients worldwide. Also, the chosen site must provide the following incredible advantages from ordering their online palm reading:

  • The price of an online palm reading must be from 5 to 10 times less expensive than a live one.
  • You can do it at home.
  • No need to take an appointment. Chiromancers should be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When ordering your palm reading, you must have the guarantee to receive your report in less than 1 hour.
  • Choosing a service must guarantee a professional palm reading based upon the most reliable and accurate palmistry techniques that have been validated by psychologists and specialized universities.

Why would you need a palm reading?

Palmistry may literally change your life. Your hands will tell much about your personality and may help you to find answers to the questions you ever had:

  • Your report will be a guide to help you to know what profession you are suited for.
  • You will find out who you are compatible with when it comes to love relationships.
  • You will be able to discern not only your talents but also your own flaws. Knowing your faults will help you delete them and you will be a better person, much appreciated by others.
  • Your report includes a forecast of your future to guide your actions and thoughts.

Online palm reading: What can you exactly expect?

In LESS THAN 1 HOUR, you will be able to receive in your mailbox a complete hand interpretation analysis.

Each palm reading is 100% customized and provides:

  • Your personality traits according to your hand and fingers’ shape and hand lines. Day after day, palmistry is proven to be the most serious kind of psychic readings: your hands are a personal and unique signature and will help you to understand more about yourself and your personality.
  • The type of persons you are compatible with. This is proved to be a great help in your love life.
  • The type of work and business you are suited for. Knowing your potential, you will be able to find your path in life.
  • Your personal lucky numbers. You must receive the 5 numbers that bring you luck, which happens to be an immense help for all lottery players.
  • A forecast of your future, including love, money, health and family.

Palm reading: hand shape

Based upon modern techniques of palmistry, a serious palm reading analysis considers the 7 main hand lines of your palm as well as the minor lines if there is such. It guarantees a reliable, accurate and serious reading.


Main hand lines in palmistry:

  • Head line
  • Life line
  • Heart line
  • Girdle of Venus
  • Fate line
  • Sun line
  • Mercury line

Head line: This first line is the straight one that begins in the palm’s edge, under the index, towards the outside edge. This particular line characterizes the mind abilities and the communication skills. Chiromancers use that line to evaluate a person’s creativity.

Life line: This line travels in an arc from above the thumb towards the wrist. This line represents the person’s energy, health and dynamism. This line also represents most important changes in life. Contrary to popular belief, modern palmistry does not consider that this line represents the length of life.

Heart line: Generally, the first line to be analyzed by the chiromancer. This line points out various aspect of a person’s love life: emotional stability (or not) and romantic perspectives. In a wider sense, it also represents cardiac health.

Girdle of Venus: This line starts between the little and ring fingers and travels in an arc to end amid the middle and the pointer fingers. It represents the intelligence and capacity to lead other persons.

palm reading

Fate line: This line travels from the bottom of the palm towards the middle finger. The fate line represents a person’s successes and obstacles in life.

Sun line: Placed between the fate line and the mercury line and under the ring finger. Modern palmistry considers this line as an indication of fame.

Mercury line: Located under the little finger, this line is an indicator of persistent health issues and business wisdom.

The four different elements most palmistry schools divide hand shapes into

Such as the Western horoscope signs, most schools of palmistry and palm readings divide hand shapes into four different elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Each of these elements indicates the general traits of a person.

Earth: these hands are generally identified by wide fingers and rectangular palms. The size of the palm from the bottom to the wrist of the fingers usually equals the length of the fingers.

Air: these hands are generally identified by rectangular palms and long fingers. The distance of the wrist from the palm to the bottom of the fingers is typically less than the length of the fingers.

Water: these hands are generally identified by a long and oval-shaped palm and long conical fingers. The dimension or measurement of the palm from the wrist to the lowermost of the fingers is generally less than the length of the fingers and equals the width of the palm.

Fire: these hands are generally identified by a rectangular palm and short fingers. The length palm size from the bottom to the wrist of the fingers is usually bigger than the length of the fingers.

After examining the shape of a hand, the chiromancer will then analyze the hands’ lines. To simplify things, we can say that your hand and finger shape determines your personality while your hand’s lines permit future predictions.


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