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Is Paranormal Activity a true story?

yourpsychicreader 22 de May del 2016 Psychic Mysteries No Comments
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For a psychic mystery seeker, ghosts’ encounters happen every day on earth. So is paranormal activity a true story? Some think yes, but still this specific event is not the issue, the real psychic phenomena is to listen to other ghosts’ cases like the poltergeist curse, for instance.

There are many similar events to those in the movies Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3, 4 (and many more of them are to come). Demons are lost souls of people who used to live among us. But they have unsolved problems that make them restless. This is why they are coming back in those creepy places to haunt us and to make us miserable.

It is like they are crying for help but on a way that can be very annoying. Most of paranormal activities stories are ending in one way – the person who the demon is after, just leaving the place, it might be a house, a working place or even any other place that you think of. They just make us fear and live an inconvenient life. So because life is too short people who are being haunted by ghosts prefer just to leave the haunted house and move on with their life. But what happens afterwards? Another family comes to live there and the story starts again.

paranormal activity

Is paranormal activity a true story? As stated before, these stories are never ending, the ghosts are always there and people just move into new places. This is how urban legends and myths started to bloom. We all know few scary places at our neighborhood that we don’t want to come near them, especially old houses with wild garden. There are many other real logic explanations for example if you hear strange noises it might be old pipes, the wind, wood floor that is broken, among many other noises.

So the next time when you are wondering if paranormal activity is a real story, just remember that what you see in the movies is not always real even if they claim to be based on a true story. However, they show us phenomena related to a psychic mystery seeker topic that can be real and happen everyday somewhere but we just don’t know about it. So the movie is just a good way to keep us aware about that stuff without being a real proof of an exact paranormal event.


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