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A psychic test can help you identify your psychic abilities

yourpsychicreader 28 de June del 2016 Psychics No Comments
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Every person has a psychic ability and a psychic test can definitely help to identify it as well as some everyday happenings. For example, when you meet someone that you recently thought about, or had a strange dream at night which turned to be real in the morning, or just became part of an unexplained mystery. The little psychic events happen all the time even without our notice hence the need of a psychic test to determine if we possess abilities of this nature.

Furthermore, there are no random coincidences, everything happens for a reason and it is the result from our past actions and our future destiny that always changes. A psychic test will help you to discover if you have these tendencies and if not, you can always practice and improve your skills and intuition. In order to do so, you have to decide what you are good in, what attracts you the most. It can be dream interpretation, free tarot reading, remote viewing, healing, Ouija boards and many other forms that will help you to see from beyond.


Through the years, scientists have invented many psychic tests, the basic assumption was that gifted human beings would perform better that the average person in predicting the future. The results have to be more than just guesses and convince that they can keep on doing so consistently for a long time with minimum errors. As you may know, spiritualism is not an accurate science but still when it comes to the numbers and probabilities it can prove to be right in some cases when the results are unambiguous. A famous experiment is the Zener cards test. The cards have different and simple pictures on them and you have to guess what the pictures are without seeing them.

There is another psychic test which tries to discover if you can change things with the power of the mind: Telekinesis. A subject of this experiment sits in front of a machine that drops ping pong balls from a tunnel to the ground. In the end of this device there is a funnel with intersection so the ball can fall to the right basket or the left one. Now, by the law of nature half of them should reach to the left side and the other half to the right side. It doesn’t have to be exactly fifty- fifty percentages but a number that comes close to this. Someone with psychic power can change this result by making that the majority of balls falls to a certain basket, something like 70% or even 80%. In the end, only a few people managed to do it successfully. But you can try a similar test too.


You can also write a psychic journal, a notebook with all the details about what occurs in your daily life; it should be very detailed and encompass everything. This will help you to remember but also to see things that you are not aware of in the exact moment they happen. It is like having a dream journal that helps you to interpret your thoughts from your deepest mind. Sometimes mystery phenomena come across us and we don’t always feel it and even if we do, we can forget about it very fast. So it is a great tool to test and analyze the way you interact with the energies of the universe.

Developing your psychic perception is not easy but it can really be done. You can do it on your own, learn about it from the internet and books. You can also have special training and join few courses, lectures and programs that will connect you much better to the spark of your mystery life.


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