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What are two of the the most recommended Psychic Reading options today?

yourpsychicreader 17 de June del 2016 Psychic Readings No Comments
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Some of the most interesting and recommended Psychic reading options today are essentially two: Open Psychic Reading and Psychic reading question.

Open Psychic Reading

Quite possible the most recommended one. You do not tell the psychic reader anything or ask anything. You let what wants to come to you come. All the psychic needs to know is your name and birth date. For this type of reading, he/she incubates a dream and analyzes it. A dream will always reveal your deep root issue and give very clear direction for your life. (Please note not all will receive a dream as much depends on your inner state as well but the information will always come through in some way. It is best for you to always be in most peaceful state when getting a psychic reading but sometimes it is not possible, the psychic understands this).

Psychic Reading

After the dream, the psychic reader will go into a meditative trance and see what other information wants to come through. It is in the trance state that Angels, Spirit Guides, loved ones that have passed on, or any pass life issue will come through. Also whatever else happens to appear, usually instructions for your life or he/she will be directed to a book or to do numerology, etc… Many different types of things can come up but usually your deep root issues, directions for your life and major concerns.

Then to finish this, many psychic readers do a tarot reading for one year in advance. If they see difficulty, they will take it further to see when the difficulty will end and what you are to do and so on. Most of your major issues will be addressed in this reading. This type of reading is not for everyone.

If you have only one issue you desire to know about, that you need a burning answer to and don’t care about the rest, we suggest you do not go for this type of psychic reading. Do not presume your question will be answered. It must be clear, that what you think is the burning issue, will not necessarily be what the Universe / God / Goddess thinks is your burning issue. Go for the next psychic reading option if you have one particular question you need answered & do not care about the rest.

Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading question

This second psychic reading “package” is for those who have one specific question they would like an answer to & do not care about the rest.

You ask a question, your most important concern. Your question needs to be formulated very clearly. This reading is done similar to the one above but with the focus on just what you most want to know. The psychic reader will again go into a dream state and get a dream for you, trance state, this reading will include whatever comes.


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