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Tasseography symbols meaning and coffee cup reading

yourpsychicreader 27 de May del 2016 Psychic Readings No Comments
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Interpreting Tasseography symbols meaning or coffee cup reading, are great ways to predict your future, in fact, many psychics actually use them both with impressive results.

The main element of this psychic practice is to look at the shapes and forms that have been left in the coffee cup after you sipped your coffee, tea or wine too. There is even a Tasseography dictionary and many other books that will help you to understand the symbols and meanings for lots of patterns, even the symbol of a dolphin.


So how do you exactly perform this type of psychic reading?

First of all, you take tea leaves, put them in a cup and pour hot water on them. Now, when the tea is reading, it is better to drink it, some mediums just spill the water and start the reading, but if you want it to be more accurate and more related to your destiny and soul it is very recommended that you will actually drink it.

In the end, you will see that the leaves at the bottom of the cup got stuck forming various patterns, these are symbols who need to be interpreted carefully in order to predict your future.

coffee cup reading

Before the secrets of interpreting Tasseography symbols and meanings are revealed to you, you need to understand that if a certain image is big and has very dark color it is much more important for you, meaning this image has a strong influence on you; the symbols that look pale are the things that are less important to you.

Dolphin – an animal that will guide you through your emotions, it might indicate that you are imbalanced with your feelings and waiting for life to take you to the right emotional direction, a dolphin is your guide and it means that something or someone will take your hand and lead you to a better life. Animals are mostly good symbols, nature images are the difficulties you will have in your life and physical objects are the important things or your material life.


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