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Unsolved psychic mysteries: The Ghost Blimp

yourpsychicreader 18 de May del 2016 Psychic Mysteries No Comments
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The Ghost blimp is considered by many a real psychic mystery which is still unsolved. The Ghost blimp was an US Navy airship that was used in World War II. Its main use was to spy on enemy’s activities over the ocean, mainly after other submarines.

The weird thing about the Ghost blimp psychic mystery is that two people have been missing and no one can find them nor explain what exactly happened there. In 1942 while it was patrolling in the air looking for the Japanese ships, one of the engines stopped working. It began to loose altitude and in the end crashed into a street full of people. The firefighter and a few people who were there at the moment of the accident searched for the pilots because they wanted to save their lives. But there were no one to rescue because they just all disappeared.

Of course you might think that they just jumped out from the sinking air balloon but the parachutes were still there so they didn’t use them at all. There has been extensive research to find them near the area of the accident but they have been never found.

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When logical explanation was discarded, people began to talk about UFOs, aliens and psychic-related explanations

When all explanation was rejected, people started to talk about UFO, aliens and the Bermuda triangle effect. The Ghost blimp story is a good example of how a mystery without an explanation has turned to be something related to psychic phenomena or out of space mysteries.

It is very logic to assume that the two pilots jumped to the sea and were never found. However, just because they are missing, the supernatural speculations have been taking the place of the main explanation.

In war times, many people are killed or go missing; this is mainly because these times are very hostile for anyone who is in a war zone. And so the stories, myth and legend come back to life.

This one in particular is called the Ghost blimp because without pilots none aircraft can fly in the sky. So it allegedly has been operated by ghosts of dead pilots.


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