» » What’s good and bad karma? Is it possible to change karma?

What’s good and bad karma? Is it possible to change karma?

yourpsychicreader 18 de June del 2016 Psychic Mysteries No Comments
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If you are wondering what karma is, then first you have to understand that the meaning of this word is “action”. The basic principle behind this psychic mystery is that every action has its effect in our wonderful world. If you are doing something good, then you will have a good karma and in return more people including you, will have a better life. On the other hand, if your purpose is only to cause damage and deceive, then you will get bad karma in return.

Good karma is a fabulous way to interact with the universe. We are made of one unit of spirit or soul but there are many others like us and we are always affecting each other even if we can really understand it. Sometimes you will not see results very fast and it’s ok. The universe works in mysterious ways but in the end everyone gets what he or she deserves. So don’t lose hope, keep on doing good deeds, don’t even accept to get something in return just walk on in your enlightened path and everything will sort on its good way.


What is bad karma?

You might be very surprised but not all the bad things in life are really that bad. Yes, we all have ups and downs but the most important is what happens in the end. For example, you might think that the universe is being cruel to you if you lost your day job. But maybe it’s a new opportunity to find a better and high paying job? Maybe now you can change your carrier or spend more time with your family? So even if it might seem depressing at the beginning don’t loose your hope because next to rough times, there is always an upright stage. On the contrary, you might become a millionaire in one day but the money can change your behavior and karma. If you forget that you are a person like everyone else and start to be vicious then the evil forces of life will come to hunt you. [You may also like: Karma Symbol: Myth or Reality?].

You can change your karma by altering your actions and surrounding the world with positive energies; this is not a Foretold destiny. Although there are some views that the past life can affect us in our current one, this is not always true. Maybe it can direct us to unwanted paths in our life, but we can choose if we want to live like this or not. We have the power to control the future, it is only a question whether we want to do everything needed for the cause or not. There are no weird coincidences if you want a happy life and experience heaven on earth you must act like you deserve it and help other souls.

Sometimes it is very hard to take the first step, if you are drowning in the river of misery and the water flow is dragging you to hell, you have to fight back with a lot of effort to swim to the shore. It is not an easy task but every big change starts with a small good step and you can start even today.



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